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Exhibition Display Screens for Trade Shows

The best screens for your trade show!


Having the right set-up for trade shows is extremely important, you want to make sure you’re showing off your business/brand as best you can so choosing a high quality and practical exhibition screen is a must. Exhibition screens are used to display important information about your business so that potential customers and business partners can see and understand your business just by looking at this information. 

Never Underestimate a Chalkboard

Why chalkboards are great for the hospitality sector.

jeshoots com 5EKw8Z7CgE4 unsplash

That's right, we're talking all about chalk boards and why they are extremely underrated nowadays. Chalkboards/Blackboards are so important because they were the start of classroom teaching - they were used to bring a class together to learn. Chalkboards are now mainly used for teaching, restaurant menus and displaying information.

Top Whiteboards and Noticeboards

Our bestselling whiteboards and noticeboards


Read all about our best selling whiteboards and noticeboards to help you decide the right board for you!


The Benefits of Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are becoming increasingly popular and it's no wonder!


If you want to give your company a cool but professional look, the unique design of glass whiteboards fits within the modern office environment perfectly. A common problem with standard whiteboards is the issue of ‘ghosting,’ the staining that’s left behind after wiping off any drawings or writing. Glass whiteboards however, have been designed to be resistant to this, and they don’t discolour as easy.

Our New Range for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes

Introducing our new display board range for hotels, restaurants and café's


If you are in the world of advertising and marketing for restaurants, hotels and cafés, or have ever come into contact with the task to display business posters and signs, you will be aware of the vast amount of choices there are in terms of display options. From snap frames to lockable cases, how do you even know which is the right option? We thought we would help you out by introducing some of the new products in our most recent HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes) range.












Forbo Bulletin Board Linoleum Supplied On The Roll

Forbo Bulletin Board Linoleum on the Roll

414 Euroflex Lino Plus 14KGForboRollTangerineZest 2211

Forbo Bulletin Board linoleum surfacing material has a multitude of applications and owing to its durability is often used for installation projects. Its properties make it ideally suited for use as a notice board because of it's excellent pin hole recovery; it also provides a functional finish to walls, furniture, door panels and cupboards. The application of Bulletin Board in rooms shared by many people facilitates simple, efficient communication.

Back to School Boards

The best boards for your classroom!

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To get you ready for the new school year we've put together a list of our most popular boards for schools and classrooms. A whiteboard or chalkboard is what brings a classroom together, and has for many years, this is why it's so important to get the right board for your classroom and age group.


Creative Noticeboard Ideas

Creative ideas for your office/classroom noticeboards

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Noticeboards may sound slightly mundane to the majority of us, but they are used to display relevant and meaningful information. In the work industry, we sometimes forget how important it is to be creative with the material we are showing, but there are many ways you can be fun and creative as well as showing relevant information.

Thinking creatively with noticeboards will make people want to stop and read what you've got on display, which for most, is what you want from your colleagues or students. We have put together a list of creative ideas for offices/classrooms in the hope that we can inspire the way you create your displays.


Office Solutions for Whiteboards and Noticeboards

How can you display boards in an exciting and creative way?

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Everyone’s initial thoughts about whiteboards and noticeboards is that it’s just something you write on… but we know these boards are much more than this!  Wherever you work there is bound to be a board of some sort to pin information or to use for brainstorming, but how can you display these boards in an exciting and clever way?

The Importance of Noticeboards

Importance of Noticeboards in the Classroom

Aluminium Heather

The importance of a notice board can vary depending on its purpose.

Used to display top achievers provides encouragement for children and a strong incentive to produce their best work. With the right guidance, teachers can leverage this to create a positive learning environment in their classrooms. Taking a different approach and using the boards to create colourful and imaginative displays can provide a stimulating and educational atmosphere. 

3 Great Reasons To Choose Partition Screens

Why should you choose partition screens?

  • They provide a low cost alternative to expensive permanent refurbishments and offer a temporary solution to dividing space creating privacy and as a neutral backdrop for an event, conference or exhibition.
  • They can be made to your specifications to fit any given office space to make your work environment both productive, pleasant and eco friendly.
  • They are made by a team with a vast knowledge and who are experts in office space so can offer free advice to enable you to get the correct product for your environment.


NHS Hospital Custom Bespoke Printed Swab Boards For Hospital Theatres

Bespoke Printed Swab Boards For Hospital Theatres

Theatre swab boards are an absolutely vital tool which is used in the operating room to manage and maximise efficiency of the unit. The board is used to display surgical case details. They also provide information as to what member of staff is assigned to conduct and assist with the operation, patient’s details and the required equipment needed.

Advantages of Custom Printed Mobile Whiteboards

Custom Printed Whiteboards On Wheels - Bringing Flexibility & Professionalism to your Display


Why a freestanding whiteboard?

Mobile whiteboards can be easily taken from one room to the next, so you won’t need to equip every room or office with its own writing surface. When it comes to mobile whiteboards, you won’t need to worry about proper mounting which can include making sure that the board fits your wall and is level. Mobile boards can also be used as partitions and room dividers in offices with more of an open floor plan.



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