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Cork Notice Boards and Pinboards


Cork Notice Boards and Pinboards on sale now! Nationwide delivery, product helpline and easy online ordering. We have a truly bespoke offering and can make small and large cork notice boards, suitable as school display boards or office noticeboards, in any size. Call 01359 298072 for your tailor made quote today.

Cork Notice Boards and Pinboards

If you are looking for a practical and stylish way to display your notes, reminders, photos, or artwork, then you might want to consider cork notice boards and pinboards. Cork is a natural and renewable material that has many benefits for both home and office use. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose cork notice boards and pinboards:

  • Cork is durable and resilient. Cork can withstand wear and tear, and it can recover from pinholes easily. Cork notice boards and pinboards can last for years without losing their shape or quality.
  • Cork is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Cork is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, which are not harmed in the process. Cork is also recyclable and compostable, making it a green choice for the environment.
  • Cork is versatile and customisable. Cork notice boards and pinboards come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. You can find one that suits your personal style and preference. You can also decorate your cork board with stickers, paint, fabric, or other accessories to make it more unique and attractive.
  • Cork is sound-absorbing and heat-insulating. Cork has a cellular structure that makes it a good insulator of sound and heat. Cork notice boards and pinboards can help reduce noise and keep your room temperature comfortable.

As you can see, cork notice boards and pinboards are more than just simple boards for pinning things. They are also functional and decorative items that can enhance your space and productivity. If you want to buy cork notice boards and pinboards online, you can browse through our wide selection of products on Display Boards Direct. We offer high-quality cork boards at affordable prices. Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of cork!

Where can cork notice boards and pinboards be used?

  • Home. You can use cork notice boards and pinboards to organize your personal or family life. You can pin your to-do lists, calendars, bills, receipts, invitations, coupons, recipes, photos, or anything else that you want to keep track of or display. You can also use them to create a mood board, a vision board, or a collage of your favorite things. You can place them in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, home office, or any other room that you want to add some personality and flair.
  • Office. You can use cork notice boards and pinboards to improve your work efficiency and communication. You can pin your work-related documents, notes, memos, reminders, deadlines, goals, achievements, or feedback. You can also use them to showcase your projects, products, services, or awards. You can place them on your desk, wall, cubicle, or meeting room to create a professional and productive environment.
  • School. You can use cork notice boards and pinboards to enhance your learning and creativity. You can pin your study materials, assignments, tests, grades, schedules, or extracurricular activities. You can also use them to display your artworks, crafts, posters, or presentations. You can place them in your classroom, library, dormitory, or club room to create a fun and educational atmosphere.
  • Shop. You can use cork notice boards and pinboards to promote your business and attract customers. You can pin your products, prices, discounts, offers, reviews, or testimonials. You can also use them to announce your events, news, updates, or tips. You can place them in your storefront, window display, counter, or wall to create a catchy and appealing impression.

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